Friday, January 22, 2010

As we look back on our lives...

Today I turned 21. Legal age. Nice. I can enter clubs and casinos with only showing my...driver license. Hahahaha. After celebrating it with my housemates (Thanks again guys), we ACTUALLY talked bout the future, bout our plans ahead and stuffs. But the thing that was on my mind was actually the people I have met since I started university, and how the give a piece of themselves to me as a "life lesson".

The first person is a girl called "C" (Real name won't be disclosed for both privacy and security reasons. LOL). She is a STUBBORN, fragile at times and SOMETIMES can be annoying (just like me to her. LOL again). The thing is that she is also a cheerful and straightforward person, which is the lesson I got from her, to be STRAIGHTFORWARD. I also learn a lot of things from her, such as planning my future, to be PASSIONATE in what I do and also to stand on my principles (LOL, stubborn girl, stubborn girl).

The second person is also a girl, called "O". One of people that I respected the most. Ever. She has this gentle and kind heart, also a strong one (though at times she always claimed that she is not as strong as I think she is). She tought me WISDOM, PATIENCE and the most important thing is, she tought me not to complaint, which though felt like a slap on the cheek that time, it actually was one of the best advices I had ever get.

The third, a guy called "VF". Adventurous. Courageous. WISDOM and RESERVATION are the two things that I learned from him. To have the courage to try new things and to stand on my beliefs, whatever it may be.

Another "V", yet also another guy. LOL. Tought me to be KIND, though in my own perspective he is TOO kind, but that gentle heart of his had shown me a lot (I mean A LOT) of things. Hard work and patience.

"F", the girl who tought me a thing or two about being tough. TOUGH! I still remembered the story behind that. LOL.

My vox, "SA", tought me to be an OPTIMIST, tought me on how to look forward in a different thing, to perceive things as being obtainable. This also applies to all my fellow bandmates.

Another "V", and still another guy. This guy is an inspiration, where my first goal ever is to beat him in guitar playing. Damn man, somehow you're still too good for me.

"W", to look at life in a different perspective, perceive every option as another opportunity and to (again) try new things and stuffs that not all people might be able to do. This is a guy, btw.

The list goes on, but I'm freakin' sleepy right now, so I suppose I'll continue this list another time. Ciao.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Malacca Trip

Another awesome trip which was pretty...spontaneous. Damn it was fun! We departed from Sunway at around 5 PM, which is VERY late, and arrived there at around 7 PM. We straight away went to Jonker Street to eat some "Durian Cendol", then some "Chicken Rice Ball". After that we wanted to go to the Eye on Malaysia, which was the biggest ferris wheel in Malaysia, but unfortunately we went there too late.

So we went to Capitol Satay Celup, which is the most popular Satay Celup place in Malacca. We queue for a little bit, and then we got the table for 8. The most exciting part on the trip is when suddenly the owner of the place bring out a bottle of Irish Cream, Sheridan or something, and pour each of us a glass. AWESOME!!! It was really nice!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


So this is how I spent the big day.

I had to go to work. But the thing is that I work at, or more properly as, the security of Miss Tourism International 2009. It was awesome! The thing I did the whole night was just to remind people that video recording is prohibited in the premise, guard some stuff, DRINK BEER (FREE BEER!) and watch all those beautiful chicks walking around, and all those beautiful chicks are not only from the pageant. The two beer sales promotion girls are awesome, along with a couple of guests ^^.

It was... awesome. I didn't miss the fireworks and we got extra money!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Genting Sick Trip

So.... This is a really awesome story bout our trip to Genting last time. We decided to go there, so the five of us, Me, Kenvin, Vincent, Irsan and Jansen rented a car. We also invited Robin and Kris to come, but then again... no transport. Only until Mike suddenly changed to long pants. LOL. So there was nine of us. Since Irsan just finished watching a movie, Mike departed first.

So after everyone is ready, we started our... fateful... journey. We took a couple of wrong turns and ended up getting lost in KL at the middle of the night. However, the most interesting part was when we decided to take route 68 to Gombak area, cause my iPhone's map suggested that there might be a way back to get to the highway. However, after cruising for approximately half an hour, passing by two outskirt villages and one "Muzium Orang Asli" (LOL!!!) we reached a dead end. The road was bleak without any lighting, and there ahead of us was a dead tree lying, blocking our path. Damn creepy, just like it was taken out from a horror movie.

So... after turning around and then take a couple of "right" turns, we finally reached Genting. Everyone played and win, with Andrew winning 2k RM that night. Crazy. But the story didn't end here.

The journey back home was as exciting as the first one. We headed back at around 7 AM, and it was really hazy, the fog was thick as hell. LOL. So with Kenvin on the wheels, we "cruise" down Genting, with me and Vincent's head out the window to check the road for him. Scary, exciting, amusing? You name it. We finally reached home, safely and that was one sick trip.

Should do it again sometime boys.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Learned a super f-ing-awesomely-ridiculous-yet-still-a-very-f-ing-good advice today. Sometimes we just tend to feed our ego too much. I mean TOO MUCH. To the point of not thinking straight.

Well... We tend to justify our actions as in, like, everything (well, almost everything) we did and "will do" is right or correct, whichever term you prefer. But then again, when we look back, somehow all those bullshit becomes... meaningless... Haha... It's not until a friend or whoever it is tells you that everything inside your mind at that time was just some crazy bollocks, only then you will realize it.

But still... EGO is still EGO. And mine is hungry as hell. Haha. Time to feed it folks. But maybe after learning about this I'll give my EGO a diet. LOL.

Peace out.
In the end, it turns out that I can't trust you yea?
You expect me to keep my mouth shut but you can't seem to shut your own.
Oh my, poor baby.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Come the time you need someone you trust.
Nobody's beside you and all you need is assurance.
But now the time has come that you are back to where you are before.
Then I'll just fade away, won't even remain as a memory.
Just a nightmare in your dreams.